I'm Alex Crist, a hybrid 
 Front-End Developer 
UI/UX Designer 
 continuously studying my craft. 

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About Alex

Or, why I stay up late coding

Programming and design are two core components of who I am. I chose to become a developer so that I can use my acquired skills to build beautiful, functional apps that move people.

In the early days, I was programming games on my graphing calculator in middle school. I experimented with Visual Basic and C++, then I discovered HTML and CSS. The ability to quickly re-arrange the UI on a whim was a defining reason for choosing these languages.

My custom interface in World of Warcraft.

This website is the child of my love for learning and improving. It's hand coded in plain HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, and JavaScript. For cross-browser compatibility I use Autoprefixer for the Gulp taskrunner. It was designed using atomic design theory and mobile first theory.

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